Massage Course Curriculum

" In The Class "

Our Traditional Thai Massage Course

is open to both beginners and experienced therapists.

The intensive course consists of 3 levels and is taught in four weeks
For students to build a solid foundation and take advantage of what Mac has to teach, it is recommended to follow the course in this order. 

" The class has space for up to 12students.Please cantact us in advance for availability and pre-signups "

             *The school is always open for our students to practise in, including weekends.

1st week

Level 1 - Beginner

5 days course. 6 hours per day + practice after class

   Thai Massage techniques, Sen Energy Lines, treatment on Feet, Legs, Belly, Upper Body, Head and Face. 
   Textbook included. Our textbook was specially designed for our school.
   5,000 Bahts

2nd week

Level 2 - Advanced - 

5 days course - 6 hours per day plus the possibility of practice after class

   Treatments on Side, Back and Seated Positions
   Enables students to perform 1 and 2 hour massage sessions.
   Textbook included. 
5,000 Bahts

3rd week

Supervised practice and feedback

    During this week you will develop your skills as Nuad Thai practitioner (Traditional Thai Massage). Supervised practice is essential to clearly understand the ancient technique and realise your own potential. The third week is important for integrating what you have learned and is also compulsory week if you wish to be awarded the diploma.

At the beginning of this week, all students receive sequences to perform 1 hour, 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours massages. These sequences were designed by Mac, suitable to administer for 80% of people.

5,000 Bahts

4th week 

Level 3 - Therapeutic Thai Massage 

(Acupressure points, Tok Sen and Herbal Compresses )

- 5 days course - 6 hours per day plus the possibility of practice after class

Level 3 is an experiential learning week. We delve deeper into the Thai Massage tradition as I impart my family's wisdom. You are invited to engage in an age old lineage and share the secrets of good health and balance through a selection of more specialised knowledge.

  • More detailed teaching on techniques and tools learnt in Levels 1 and 2
  • Acupressure points and how to incorporate them into the massage
  • Personalised treatments: customising sessions to target particular ailments such as headache, back pain, knee and shoulder pain
  • Use of additional materials e.g. Tok Sen and Thai Pa Kao Mah
  • Traditional folk remedies; how to make a fresh herbal compress and perform a herbal steam massage

Textbook included. 
 6,500 Bahts

Special International Diploma 

Diploma accredited by the union of thai traditional medicine society Thailand.

Upon Mac's assessment of your understanding of the 3 weeks' program

Students may receive an International Diploma from The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society, accredited by the union of thai traditional medicine society Thailand . We are one of the few schools in Chiang Mai who can award graduates this diploma, issued by the primary health and scholarly institutions of Thailand. 

The diploma is awarded on completion of Thai Massage Level 1 & 2, culminating in a week of supervised massage practice.
(In some circumstances it is possible to schedule the 3rd practice week for later, with Mac's agreement).

Issued in two languages, Thai and English. Administrative fees required (1 000 bahts).  

for the 3 weeks' course + the diploma _ 16, 000 Bahts
please look at our calendar for special offers  

Teacher Training

- The Traditional Way - 

If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of the art of Traditional Thai Massage, there is the opportunity to extend your stay or return anytime. Prospective teachers will repeat the entire program with more depth and precision. Thereafter, upon his agreement, practitioners can assist Mac for a further month.

Traditionally, this is the way to experience Thai Massage; following in the footsteps of well-established practitioners in Thailand today.

You can express your desire to assist before you come to Thailand or after the first month. Feel free to discuss your thoughts with teacher Mac, who will be happy to help provide the best options for you on your journey learning the fine art of Thai Massage.

The school on a sunny day


  • Tuition fees are due before the start of course.
  • Tuition fees can be paid in cash, via PayPal or bank transfer (for example with TransferWise) or credit card. Please notice that using PayPal you will have to pay 4.% extra of the total amount (PayPal charges).
  • Students who have completed their 3 level training are welcome to continue their study with Mac for 3,500 Baht per week.
  • Students with experience in Thai Massage are welcome to start learning any Monday during the month. Please contact Mac to discuss options.
  • It is possible to study the different levels at different times of the year. People with limited time can for example do their level 1 in one particular month and continue their level 2 later in another month. You can look at the calendar for starting dates and discuss with Mac.

Feel free to contact Mac for any enquiries.